Full stack engineer with experience in mobile, AR/VR, front-end and back-end development.

It ain't work if you're having fun with it.

It ain't work if you're having fun with it.


Harold Martinez

I started building mobile apps in 2011 in my spare time. Two years later not only was I completely passionate about the craft but I was making a living of it. In 2014 I dropped out of my second year in college to fully focus on Audiotica. Hundreds of thousands of downloads and two years later, I moved to Redmond, WA to build amazing stuff at Microsoft.

I balanced my day job by indulging in creative activities in all sorts of medium. Making music and painting are two of my favorite ways to express myself creatively. I believe this helps me later innovate at work and do more than just solve problems.

Over the past eight years I've travel through various avenues developing myself. Mobile, cloud, web, virtual reality and augmented reality. My strengths are not just my technical skills but my passion for people. I’m both customer and team obsessed. I need to not just build great stuff but the people around me.

For me, it's not about being a developer that's good at X or Y. It's about being a person that’s good at solving real world problems via smarts and authenticity.





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